The CDC says that Lyme disease is most common among boys aged 5-19. This age group is affected at three times the average rate of all other age groups. Around 25% of all reported cases are children. read more

Kids may be more likely to encounter ticks and get tick-bites because they often go off trails, play in grassy areas or in leaves under trees in natural habitats where ticks are found. They may also be less likely to notice a tick if one attaches to them. The tick-bite prevention information on this page is designed for youth in the 4th through 6th grades and can be used in the classroom, scout groups, other youth groups or at home.

In the spring and summer, you might hear about something called Lyme disease. It has nothing to do with limes, but it does have something to do with ticks — those creepy, tiny bugs that like to drink human blood. Disgusting! Don’t let ticks bite you.


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