Treatment of Lyme disease may require the use of antibiotics.  In cases where an EM rash is present, treatment should begin immediately.  Blood tests are often falsely negative and a clinical diagnosis may be necessary and a more efficient use of patient resources.  Most studies on the treatment of early Lyme disease used at least 20 days of antibiotic therapy.  In ILADS patient analysis of those trials, approximately 75% of patients returned to their pre-Lyme baseline.

In addition to antibiotics, many practitioners use naturopathic medicine with both acute and chronic Lyme disease to assist the immune system in detoxing, calming inflammation, supporting the gastrointestinal tract during antimicrobial therapy and alleviating pain. Herbal antimicrobials, probiotics, dietary changes, and immune support can all aid in the healing process with Lyme disease.

Lyme is a complex disease. Treatment sometimes fails and symptoms and/or signs of the infection may persist or progress. If that should happen, additional treatment may be necessary.