Minnesota Lyme Association

Our Vision

Any person affected by Lyme or tick-borne disease can lead a healthy and vibrant life

Our Mission

  • To provide a supportive environment for people affected by Lyme and other other tick-borne diseases
  • To educate the public and health professionals in the prevention diagnosis and effective treatment of these diseases.

Our Purpose

  • Support those people who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and their families and
    significant others
  • To promote the education of health care professionals pertaining to the diagnosis and treatmentof Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses
  • To raise funds for education and prevention involving Lyme disease and tick borne illnesses

What we do

  • Meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month
    at the White Bear Lake District Center
  • Support MLA chapters around the state
  • Provide credentialed speakers covering a wide range of Lyme-related topics
  • Sponsor accredited continuing education courses on tick-borne diseases for physicians and nurses
  • Offer scholarships to physicians to attend ILADS physician training
  • Host a booth at the Academy of Family Phyicians and other medical conferences to introduce physicians to new Lyme disease information
  • Present information on tick-borne diseases to the public via large-scale events such as Linwood Days, the Minnesota Horse Expo and Warner Nature Center
  • Fall Color Blast, and smaller community-based gatherings
  • Accept speaking invitations from private clubs and organizations
  • Collaborate with lawmakers and elected officials on Lyme-friendly legislation

Minnesota Lyme Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and a Lyme Disease Association affiliate


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PO Box 533
Hugo, MN