Free Fridays with Dr. Vrchota and Dr. Anna McConnville, PhD
01:30PM to 03:00PM - March 1, 2024

Guest practitioners include Ana McConnville, PhD, Jane Rosen, PhD, Maegan Lemp, LAc, Laurie Radovsky, MD, Isabel Frankel, CCH, C.HP, Kat Campbell, LAc.

Many of us have questions that we ponder about Lyme and co-infections;
How is it spread? Can it be sexually transmitted? What lifestyle changes can speed the healing process? Why are antibiotics used in combinations? Are antibiotics the only answer? What is the role for acupuncture, herbs, gemmotherapy etc? How can we support a family member suffering with Lyme? Where can we go for more information?

This unique opportunity to learn skills in modulation of your own immune system through Zoom meeting with your Lyme community is a great chance to get your questions answered.

Providers will not be able to diagnose or provide specific treatment plan for any individual, but may offer general guidelines, such as what they have seen work in similar cases.

If you have recommended topics or questions you would like to see addressed, please send them to by 6 PM the day before each Free Friday. Emails will not be answered but questions may be addressed in the meetings. We plan to send out additional emails with more information and will try to post each week’s guests on our Minnesota Lyme Association Facebook pages. We may be recording these meetings for future viewing.

Please join us and bring your curiosity.

Meeting ID: 893 4823 5779
Passcode: 732156

Dr. Anna McConnville, PhD Physical Therapy

“Building Personal Resilience”

Physical Therapist and Health Coach and Heart Math Instructor and Pilates Instructor and so much more...

Learn how to easily connect to the wisdom of your heart. Anna will help members connect to an App called Heartmath that allow participants to know when their breath is leading their heart onto a healing path called “The Zone”. From this Zone we can send wishes of Loving Kindness to ourselves, our loved ones, our community and everyone to alleviate suffering. Anna also offers affordable weekly classes to connect people. When the parasympathetic system is active, we can be more fully present for our lives, in this moment, and the immune system comes alive in very functional ways. Dr. Anna McConville 612-324-8826

About Anna McConnville PhD:

Physical Therapist and Intuitive Holistic Wellness Coach and Physical Therapist

Healthy lifestyles are sometimes difficult to institute when we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.Ana views wellness as a lifestyle journey rather than an intervention destination.

She's found that 'cook  book' programs never work for people with complex health conditions. We are too unique and nuanced. It's  a matter of finding your particular flow of self care, body awareness and experiencing a 'felt sense' of being in balance.

Ana coaches people to tune into the most important next step, and shows them how to get there.


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