MLA Presents: Free Fridays with Dr. Vrchota and Isabel Frankel, CCH, C.HP


The team discussed the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in treating various health conditions, including injuries, parasitic infections, and kidney infections. They also explored the potential benefits of human detox therapy and the role of trauma and mental disturbances in human chemistry. The conversation also touched on the use of homeopathy in addressing Lyme disease and other chronic conditions. The team emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare, including dietary changes, herbs, and counseling.

Homeopathic Remedies and Healing Perspectives

Karen expressed her gratitude towards the Minnesota Lyme Association for their work in expanding perspectives on healing. She shared her personal experiences with homeopathic remedies, particularly in instances of injury, parasitic infection, and kidney infection. She detailed her recovery from these incidents using homeopathic treatments and emphasized the effectiveness of these remedies. Karen also mentioned her ongoing study of Human Detox Therapy, a subject that deeply interests her.

Technical Issue and Screen Sharing

There was a discussion about a technical issue related to screen sharing and PowerPoint during a meeting. Isabel, Karen, Anna, and Gail were trying to assist Erin, who was experiencing difficulties. The meeting was briefly interrupted by a participant’s comment about the issue being “really weird”. The participants eventually resolved the issue and were able to proceed with the meeting.

Exploring Alternative Treatments

Isabel shared her personal health journey, which included various illnesses from her childhood and a chronic fatigue diagnosis. She mentioned her skepticism towards traditional medicine and her exploration of alternative treatments such as homeopathy and energy healing. Isabel also highlighted the lack of conventional treatments for Epstein-Barr virus and her preference for alternative methods. She concluded by expressing her commitment to homeopathy and its connection with her personal experiences. Karen agreed with Isabel’s approach, noting the potential benefits of using similar methods in the allopathic medical community.

Homeopathy: Holistic Therapy Explained

Isabel gave a detailed explanation of homeopathy, a holistic therapy that has been in use for over 200 years. She highlighted that homeopathy looks at the person as a whole, considering the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Isabel shared that there are over 4,000 remedies available and new ones are constantly being developed. She mentioned that homeopathy is widely used in Europe and India and is even considered a medicine in India where many physicians are trained in it. The discussion also touched upon the use of homeopathy in England, particularly by the royal family. Towards the end, Isabel encouraged questions and interaction, reflecting on her background as a former math teacher who values interactive classrooms.

Detox Therapy and Human Chemistry Homeopathy

Isabel discussed her experience with detox therapy and human chemistry homeopathy, a practice she first learned about from her homeopath. She explained the concept that external factors, such as toxins and medications, can affect our body systems, hormones, and neurotransmitters, potentially causing a domino effect of imbalances. Isabel emphasized the role of the immune system in responding to these imbalances, particularly in cases of Lyme disease, and how it can exacerbate other chronic conditions. She also highlighted the use of homeopathic remedies to detox and balance the body, using examples such as Gaba and dopamine imbalances.

Trauma, Homeopathy, and Gut Health

Isabel discussed the role of trauma and mental disturbances in human chemistry, explaining how homeopathy takes a holistic approach to treatment, considering the whole person rather than just the illness. She responded to Karen’s question about treating trauma with homeopathy by explaining that the trauma history would be considered during the intake and used to choose a specific remedy. Isabel also emphasized the importance of gut health, explaining that leaky gut can lead to various health problems and that a balanced gut is crucial for overall well-being. She mentioned several tools and remedies that can be used to balance the gut, including polyvalus plus, a homeopathic remedy that contains digestive enzymes and other substances. Karen concluded by suggesting that the complex nature of this topic would be best overseen by a human chemistry instructor.

Gut Health Remedies and Supplements

Isabel and Karen discussed the use of homeopathic remedies and supplements to address gut health issues. They emphasized the importance of starting with simple prescriptions like Poly Val plus and making dietary changes. Isabel mentioned the use of remedies made from antibiotics and supplements like zinc and selenium to balance the gut flora. They also discussed the use of specific herbs like blueberry and walnut, the latter being beneficial for the nervous system, thyroid health, and protection from radiation. Isabel also mentioned new remedies such as polygastric enzymes and an Epimacio remedy made from Aquamancia bacteria. The conversation concluded with a sample course outlined for addressing gut health issues.

Gut Balancing Course: Remedies, Allergies, and Concerns

Isabel and Karen discussed a course designed to balance the gut and clear antibiotics. The course involves taking a specific remedy on a particular schedule for eight weeks, with the potency of the remedy increasing each week. Isabel noted that the remedies could affect not only the physical body but also the mental and emotional states of those taking them. They also addressed questions and concerns from Britt about potential allergies to the remedies and how they might affect individuals. Isabel reassured Britt that the remedies are highly diluted and would not cause an allergic reaction. She also mentioned the possibility of adding a weekly remedy for individuals who are very sensitive or fragile.

Homeopathic Remedies and Cost Discussion

Isabel and Britt discuss the process of obtaining homeopathic remedies and the need for a prescription for certain remedies. Britt inquires about dilution and water, and Isabel explains that they use special codes to order remedies from dispensaries and pharmacies. Karen asks about the cost of home remedies, which Isabel confirms is all over the place. She also mentions that some homeopaths charge a sliding scale for their services, with the highest cost being $1,200 for the first consult and $50 for a follow-up consult. Britt asks about mixing with a metal spoon or ceramic spoon, andabel explains that it’s not the same process.

Lyme Disease: Background, Treatment, and Mental Health Impacts

Isabel discussed the background of Lyme disease, mentioning the presence of Epstein Barr virus and the importance of addressing it during treatment. She emphasized the need to rebalance the gut flora and support the immune system in Lyme disease cases. Isabel also highlighted the mental health effects of Lyme disease, suggesting that remedies like masenicum, made from gold and arsenic, could help manage these symptoms. She recommended a book by Angelica Lemke, a naturopathic physician, which discusses the connection between Lyme disease and autism. Isabel also discussed the use of plant remedies from the Heath family, such as call mia, let a folio, and rhododendron, in treating Lyme disease and related symptoms.

Holistic Health and Homeopathy Discussion

Isabel emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to managing health conditions, which includes herbs, dietary changes, homeopathy, reiki, and counseling. She clarified that homeopathic remedies can be used in conjunction with other treatments, but their interaction would depend on the type of medication one is taking. Potential issues were discussed, such as interference with the efficacy of the homeopathic treatment or the impact of coffee on the effectiveness. The team also touched on the use of homeopathic remedies for Epstein Barr Virus and the impact of toxins on the effectiveness of remedies. Towards the end, Gail explained the mechanism of clearing energetic markers from the system with homeopathic remedies, which Isabel agreed with.