MLA Presents: Free Fridays with Dr. Vrchota and Maegan Lemp, LAc.


The team discussed the body’s response to trauma, the benefits of gemmotherapy extracts, and the role of gentle practices like acupuncture and yoga in cultivating internal resources. They highlighted specific gemmotherapy extracts, including Dog Rose, Field Maple, and Walnut, and their potential benefits for managing symptoms. The conversation also focused on the importance of using gentle extracts in the early stages of recovery, the cost-effectiveness of gemmotherapy, and its potential use for closed head injuries.

Trauma’s Effects on Body and Self-Care Practices

Maegan discussed the body’s response to trauma and how it can lead to feelings of stagnation and chronic inflammation. She explained that when resources are depleted, the body enters a state of protection, slowing down internal movements to conserve energy. Maegan emphasized the importance of resourcing oneself, which includes adequate intake of food, hydration, community support, and sleep. She also highlighted the role of self-cultivation practices in maintaining the internal terrain.

Resource Depletion and Body’s Response

Maegan discussed the concept of resource depletion and the body’s response to protection, including the creation of latencies in response to overwhelming physical or emotional experiences. She explained that these experiences are stored in the body and can lead to physical ailments. However, the body can also release these pathologies when it senses that the individual is adequately resourced, through methods such as nutrition, hydration, sleep, and safety. Karen inquired if the release of these pathologies could lead to worsening symptoms, which Maegan confirmed, explaining that this discomfort is the body’s way of protecting the individual. Maegan also introduced the concept of interception, where the nervous system scans the internal and external environment for cues of safety and danger.

Gemmotherapy and Holistic Therapies Discussed

Maegan discussed the potential benefits of using gemmotherapy extracts and the role of various therapists, including herself and Dr. Bakoda, in providing support. She emphasized the use of gentle acupuncture and body work, as well as Chi gong, a self cultivation technique, as effective methods to cultivate internal resources and improve internal flow. Maegan also compared yoga to Chi gong, noting that yoga may be more challenging for those with mobility issues. She highlighted the simplicity and natural nature of gemmotherapy, using extracts made from the embryonic tissue of plants and trees. Maegan introduced three basic extracts that interact with the nervous system, with particular emphasis on walnut, which she described as beneficial for processing sensory input and digesting environmental stimuli.

Gemmotherapy Extracts: Benefits and Personal Experiences

Maegan and Karen discussed the benefits of specific gemmotherapy extracts, including Dog Rose and Field Maple. They talked about how Dog Rose is used in pediatrics due to its nourishing and gentle strength-boosting properties. Field Maple was highlighted for its antiviral properties and its ability to soothe the nervous system, particularly in cases of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Karen shared her personal experience of using these extracts to manage symptoms of Lyme disease and the isolation it often brings, while Maegan emphasized the extracts’ role in energy conservation. Isabel also praised the calming effects of Black Poplar and the versatility of Field Maple, which can be used for both sleep and chronic fatigue symptoms.

Gentle Extracts and Gemmotherapy in Early Recovery

Maegan and Karen discussed the importance of using gentle extracts in the early stages of recovery and healing. They highlighted the need for balance in the use of remedies and treatments, emphasizing that more does not always equate to better. Gemmotherapy, a form of plant therapy, was discussed as an adjunct to other healing modalities like acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs. The conversation also focused on the role of the autonomic nervous system in healing and the need to facilitate it. The potential cost-effectiveness of gemmotherapy was also touched upon, with one drop potentially lasting up to five to seven months.

Gemmotherapy: Holistic Healing and Extract Optimization

The team discussed the practice of gemmotherapy, a holistic approach to healing that involves using plant remedies. Maegan highlighted the importance of working with the nervous system before forcing the elimination pathways, emphasizing the need to allow the system to begin moving again. Anna suggested a potential integration of her trauma and energy work with gemmotherapy. The team also discussed the importance of finding the right extract and dosage for individual needs, with Maegan suggesting that guidance from an experienced practitioner can be beneficial. Karen shared her personal experience, noting the difference between tonics labeled as energizers and harmonizers.

Gemmotherapy and Self-Trust in Healing

Karen, Maegan, and Anna discussed the importance of self-trust and self-care in the healing process. They explored the use of gemmotherapy as a method for healing and personal growth. Anna shared her personal experience using gemmotherapy to recover from a recent injury, noting its benefits. The group also addressed questions about the necessity of understanding gemmotherapy to utilize it, with Maegan emphasizing that the key is taking in the vitality and nutrients of the specific tree, rather than comprehending the method itself.

Gemmotherapy and Support Group Discussion

Karen suggests using a monthly support group for feedback and journaling to check in with the group. Maegan suggests using gemmotherapy extracts and recommends charting and watching for signs of overdoing it, such as sleep and urination. Karen and Maegan also discuss the benefits of using fig and rosemary gemmotherapy, with Maegan mentioning that fig and Rosemary have a calming effect on the digestive system and can reduce anxiety. The team also discusses the monthly support groups, which meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30.

Self-Cultivation Modalities and Nervous System Extracts

Maegan advised that using Rosemary with no other self-cultivating modalities might be too intense for the body, suggesting a return to a nervous system extract for healing. She clarified that the length of time needed to use a nervous system extract before adding an antimicrobial gemmo would vary from person to person. Isabel added that fig and walnut are safe for babies, with fig particularly beneficial for digestion issues. Dawn found the discussion helpful, particularly for her work with trauma survivors, and Karen encouraged further learning through classes with a small annual fee.

Gemmotherapy for Degenerative Disc and Arthritis

There was a discussion on the use of gemmotherapy to support the body with degenerative disc issues or arthritis. Maegan explained that while the initial focus is on finding a nervous system and extract to aid regulation and communication between mind and body, there are subsequent extracts that are rejuvenated and focus on the skeletal system. She also highlighted that most gemmotherapy extracts support gentle drainage and detox. Karen shared her personal experience with blueberry extract, which improved her microvascular circulation and allowed her to see without glasses. Isabel mentioned using blueberry and black current for migraines, while Maegan and Karen noted the versatility of some extracts, like walnut, which can regulate the nervous system and aid in elimination depending on the dosage.

Gemmotherapy and Website Updates

The team discusses the benefits of Gemma therapy for closed head injuries such as occipital neuralgia and the need for a general therapist to explore its potential. Maegan recommends a starter book called Demo Therapy, which can be used to learn basic extracts and purchase books. The team also discusses the process of uploading past speakers to the MLA website, which may take a few days to upload. Karen thanks Maegan and Isabel for presenting and encourages everyone to investigate whatever they need to investigate to learn the next right step in their life.