ReBalance to Heal with Dr. Thomas Sult, MD

Dr. Thomas Sult from Just Be Well in New London, MN will discuss his ReBalance to Heal program that helps to unleash your innate healing potential. ReBalance to HEAL heals your limbic system. The Limbic system is a switchboard deep in your brain. The switches control your Immune, Hormone, Autonomic Nervous system, Mood, Emotions, Circadian Rhythm and More. During a chronic illness like Lyme disease, pathways wire together as shortcuts to fight the illness. These shortcuts are to turn on the fighting systems of your body. They result in many of the symptoms of your illness, chronic inflammation, chronic alarm signals, inhibited healing, suppressed immunity, poor digestion, altered microbiome, exhaustion, and chronic pain. Dr. Sult will discuss his 6-step program to get you out of fight or flight and keep you out.

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